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What are the applications of wood glue?

What are the applications of wood glue?

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What are the applications of wood glue?
Woodworking glue is an intermediate for connecting two materials and has a wide range of applications in various industries. Woodworking glue is a necessity for furniture. With the continuous development of the industry, the application of wood glue in furniture is constantly changing. Let's talk about the application of wood glue on furniture!
1. Application of wood glue in solid wood composite material: For different processing integrated materials equipment: high frequency machine, normal temperature, cold pressing wheel type jigsaw machine, fragrant material, main board line, manual fixture, etc. Solid wood material: oil hard, hard, medium and hard materials, such as: teak, rosewood, poplar, pine, fir and other jigsaw glue products for targeted differentiation applications, to meet the strength requirements of different materials.
2. Application of wood glue in solid wood and wood furniture: Solid wood glue series, veneer sheet special glue series, various structural process assembly glue series, edge banding glue series, with the perfect meticulous requirements for various process manufacturing.
3. Application of wood glue in the whole wardrobe: Sealing technology with glue, honeycomb paper glue application series, solid wood process application glue series, coating process application glue series, meet the high modern quality demand of home wardrobe culture, efficient production intelligence Equipment glue applications meet the needs of constant high-end automation.
4. The application of wood glue in the whole cabinet: The quality of cabinet products is higher than the general furniture requirements. Waterproof, heat resistant, durable, environmentally friendly, quality and taste are the ultimate requirements.
5. Application of wood glue in office furniture: All solid wood, board and wood combined office furniture, plate type simple office furniture, screen matching series, high-end atmospheric executive desk series. Bookcase, file cabinet series, overall office furniture independent system. Constantly highlighting the unique office environment culture Yongte has more than ten years of experience with the overall solution experience of rubber to meet the continuous new process and new material quality requirements of office furniture manufacturing.
6. Application of wood glue on soft furniture: mattress, sofa furniture, large market share, furniture product series and the most direct contact with the human body.
7. Application of wood glue on mahogany furniture: Due to the particularity of wood species, mahogany furniture has a high requirement for adhesives. PU glue series and epoxy series adhesives are commonly used in the splicing, assembly and repair of mahogany furniture.
8. Application of wood glue in civil panel furniture: mainly including civil suite furniture, panel office furniture, panel-type whole cabinet furniture. Plate-type overall wardrobe furniture panel furniture process processing is relatively simple, mainly processing equipment, assembly line process and integrated processing The center is processing as a trend, and mass production is efficient.
The above mentioned are the application of several common woodworking glues on different furniture. Of course, the application of wood glue in furniture is much more than that. Due to limited time, there are still some applications mentioned here, so let's discuss it further next time.