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Woodworking rubber supplier, Jianwei Group

Woodworking rubber supplier, Jianwei Group

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In 1993, Jianwei Group entered China and established a production base in the Asia-Pacific region in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province. The factory covers an area of nearly 600,000 square meters. It has introduced advanced professional equipment such as Germany, the United States and Italy to form Jianwei International Furniture Co., Ltd. At present, Jianwei Enterprise Group has become one of the strength enterprises in China's furniture industry.
Woodworking rubber supplier, Jianwei Group
In the cooperation process with Jianwei Group, Youpu Woodworking Adhesive has always established a complete quality inspection and final product inspection system in accordance with strict standards and requirements, using healthy glue to prevent pollution and ensure the environmental protection of the final furniture products.
In the product, U-Rex developed a formaldehyde-free hot-pressed liquid aldehyde-free glue, does not contain any formaldehyde, not only meets the US CARB2 standard, but also meets the Japanese F★★★★ standard, U-Pu heat-sealing edge sealant It meets Jianwei's demand for product quality, and the product quality has been very stable. In production, Yupu Nai has organized the first-line workers' glue technology training for the Jianwei factory, which has improved the professional quality and overall quality of the employees, and also enabled Jianwei Group to identify the superior wood-resistant rubber in the woodworking rubber supplier. .
Youpu Nai provides the 16th largest rubber system solution to help Jianwei solve many rubber processing problems. A good supplier, each process is interlocking, which is a powerful guarantee for the stable quality of furniture products!
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