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Federal good partner, excellent wood resistant glue, not just suppliers

Federal good partner, excellent wood resistant glue, not just suppliers

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Founded in 1984, Guangdong Federal Furniture Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise in the Chinese furniture industry with advanced design concepts, manufacturing and commercial wings. It is known as the evergreen tree for the development of private enterprises in China. For more than a decade, we have chosen Yupu Nai as a supplier of adhesives because it is not just an adhesive supplier.
Federal good partner, excellent wood resistant glue, not just suppliers
In the process of upgrading the federal products, U-Pin cooperates with the factory to optimize the production process, pays attention to every detail, not only provides glue, but also trains the first-line workers with the overall glue technology, and continuously improves the glue solution according to the actual production application of the federal government. Providing an effective solution, which improves production efficiency, reduces production costs, fundamentally improves product cost performance, excellent quality, and thoughtful service, thus winning the favor of Guangdong Federation for more than ten years, and Cooperation so far.
Youpu and the Federation have been together for more than ten years in the Spring and Autumn Period. As a cooperative supplier of the Federation, Youpu has treated customers with sincerity and durability for more than ten years. The cooperation comes from trust and trust comes from excellent products. The spirit of quality and service, the pioneer of woodworking adhesives and woodworking adhesives, not just suppliers.
With confidence and enthusiasm, we are focused on China's industrial adhesives business and are creating new beginnings every day. Your satisfaction is the powerful driving force for the unremitting efforts of Youpu Woodworking Adhesive. We are the best people with dreams!

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