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Six years have always been the same, the world friends choose U-Pen, not just professional

Six years have always been the same, the world friends choose U-Pen, not just professional

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Zhejiang Shiyou Wood Industry Co., Ltd., as one of the leading companies in China's flooring industry, has adhered to the core values of “people-oriented, quality-oriented, and sincere friends” since its inception, which is honest and pragmatic, keeps up with the market, and only does economics. A good floor to test. WorldFriends carefully designed, scientifically and rationally used wood, so that every family can use the good floor, choose U-Pei as the adhesive supplier, guarantee from the raw material side, create a natural, green, environmentally friendly, healthy living environment and provide super Value service to improve and enhance the quality of people's home life.
Six years have always been the same, the world friends choose U-Pen, not just professional
In response to the production needs of Shiyou Floor, Youpu has provided floor rubber powder to aldehyde-free water-based glue, from aldehyde-free water-based glue to water-free glue; from the overall rubber training for front-line workers to optimizing production industrial processes; The pre-sales technical service to the perfect after-sales regular return visits, in the six years of cooperation, Yupu Nai has been adhering to the "fine and diligent, sustainable management" concept, providing quality products and services for the world's friends The quality-stabilized adhesives, in the process of WorldCom's process reform, timely update the rubber solution, actively help the factory to improve production efficiency, and at the same time promote the technological innovation of the industry.
In the six years of cooperation, the quality of U-Pin products has always been the same, the technical services are comprehensive and meticulous, "to make friends with each other, to be a long-term", U-Pu wood glue, professional products, and thoughtful service!
Investigate the five core components of the woodworking industry application process: edge sealing, veneering, compounding, splicing, and assembly. For the details of the quality of your products, you can be more strict than you!

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