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Seize the opportunity, U-Pen and the nature share the industry story

Seize the opportunity, U-Pen and the nature share the industry story

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Nature Home (China) Co., Ltd. is a globally advanced supplier of flooring and household products solutions. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nature Home Holdings Limited (Hong Kong Main Board: 02083). The “Nature” brand has been selected for many years in Asia. Top 500 brands. Nature Home specializes in green and healthy home improvement engineering research, researching, producing and marketing green and healthy flooring, wooden doors, cabinets, wardrobes and other household products.
Seize the opportunity, U-Pen and the nature share the industry story
The relationship between Youpu and nature is due to the development of nature in 2011. We rented the factory of our former customers. When we carried out regular on-site service, we found that our old customers have transferred the factory to the big one. Naturally, U-Pen has taken the opportunity to seize the opportunity and since then has established a cooperative relationship with nature. In the process of cooperation, Yupu Woodworking Glue is based on the needs of nature production, combined with new technology, using hot melt glue machine to upgrade its process products, improving the production efficiency of nature, and has been unanimously recognized by the production plant manager. Established a long-term cooperative relationship.
Cooperation comes from accidents, but U-Pen seizes the opportunity to build a strategic relationship with nature, establish a strategic cooperation with nature, build environmentally friendly, healthy and pollution-free products, and achieve good results in the market. Industry story.
We carefully researched and launched 16 professional solutions for woodworking glue, just because "continuously improve the quality of home life, create a new life of environmental protection and health", is the unremitting pursuit of Youpu woodworking glue!

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