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Jilin Province Quality Supervision Bureau: the pass rate of wooden furniture sampling is 53.8%

Jilin Province Quality Supervision Bureau: the pass rate of wooden furniture sampling is 53.8%

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Recently, Jilin Province Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau announced the 2014 national product quality supervision joint spot check. Among them, 13 pieces of wooden furniture were sampled and 7 batches were qualified, with a pass rate of 53.8%. The unqualified items are mainly due to the formaldehyde emission and the physical and chemical properties of the paint film which do not meet the standard requirements.
The results of the spot check showed that the measured value of formaldehyde emission of Jilu brand cabinet (size 500×400×650mm) produced by Jilin Guorong Office Furniture Co., Ltd. was 3.2 (standard value: ≤1.5), produced by Liuhe Muwang Furniture Group Co., Ltd. Wood ace simple 3# shoe cabinet (size 910 × 430 × 170mm) formaldehyde emission measured value 2.8 (standard value: ≤ 1.5), Baicheng Shiheng Wood Processing Department produced bedside table (size 400 × 400 × 400mm) formaldehyde release The measured value is 9.4. The measured value of formaldehyde emission of the bedside table (size 450×450×500mm) produced by Jilin Laigao Office Home Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is 8.0, which is seriously unqualified.
This year, the Jilin Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision inspected eight products including toilet paper, wooden furniture, plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, blockboard, random copolymer polypropylene (PPR) pipe and compound fertilizer in accordance with the requirements of the State Administration of 80 batches of products produced by 80 enterprises were sampled and tested, and 74 batches were qualified. The average sampling pass rate of products was 92.5%. Among them, 9 batches of toilet paper, 7 batches of plywood, 6 batches of fiberboard, 4 batches of particleboard, 17 batches of blockboard, and 14 random polypropylene (PPR) pipes Batches, compound fertilizers were sampled in 10 batches, and the pass rate was 100%.
At present, the post-processing work of the unqualified product manufacturers is underway.
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