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Zhongxiao Association: 1 eco-plate sample has a higher formaldehyde emission than the E2 plate limit value

Zhongxiao Association: 1 eco-plate sample has a higher formaldehyde emission than the E2 plate limit value

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On the 22nd, the China Consumers Association announced on its official website the results of the comparison test of 34 pieces of blockboard and eco-board products based on blockboard. One of the eco-board samples had higher formaldehyde emission than E2. Board limit value.
Most of the blockboard product information is not fully identified
The blockboard is commonly known as the large core board, which is made up of two pieces of veneer laminated in the middle. Compared with solid wood panels, blockboards are characterized by dimensional stability, non-deformation and ease of use. The eco-board is paved on the surface of the wood-based panel such as blockboard, and the decorative plate is formed by hot pressing, which avoids a paint process and is more convenient for consumers to use directly when they are installed at home. Blockboard and eco-board are widely used in furniture, cabinet wardrobes, bathroom cabinets and other fields. At present, the quality of the core of the blockboard and eco-board sold in the market, and the amount of formaldehyde released has always been a concern of consumers.
In order to provide consumers with real and practical consumption information, the China Consumers Association and the Jilin Consumers Association from October 2014 to January 2015 sold some of the branded blockboards and ecology of the market in Beijing and Jilin Province. The board (blockboard substrate) was tested comparatively (comparative test results are only responsible for the samples purchased, see the comparison test results list for details). This comparative test sample was used by the Consumers Association staff as an ordinary consumer from Beijing and Jilin Province (Changchun City, Jilin City, Liaoyuan City, Yanji City, Baishan City) plate market, building materials supermarket, decoration materials market, etc. Store purchase. A total of 34 samples were purchased, the specifications are 2440mm × 1220mm, of which 18 pieces of blockboard samples, the price of each sample from 70 yuan / Zhang to 185 yuan / Zhang, ecological board (based on blockboard) 16 models, the price ranges from RMB 105/Zhang to 299 RMB/Zhang. The nominal origin of the samples is mainly in Beijing, Hebei, Jilin, Zhejiang and other places.
During the purchase of comparative test samples, product information was difficult to obtain. Most of the blockboard product information is incompletely identified. Most products only have brand names without manufacturer name, grade, date of manufacture, etc. In addition, it was found that there was a phenomenon of counterfeiting and confusing well-known brands in the market. Individual merchants even suggested that brands could be printed on the plates according to the needs of the buyers. Among the samples purchased in the Beijing market, there were 9 samples with all the information. Other products are packaged in 50-piece large packages. Product information is marked on large packages, and each board is not marked. Some sample product information purchased by Jilin Province can only be obtained through market shops.
1 sample has a higher formaldehyde emission
This comparative test test refers to the test method of GB/T5849-2006 "Blockboard", the core quality, water content, transverse static bending strength, impregnation of blockboard and ecological board (based on blockboard) Peeling performance, bonding strength, surface bonding strength, and formaldehyde emission were tested and compared. The test work of the comparative test was commissioned by the National Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.
The use of adhesives is essential in the production of blockboards, most of which are based on formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a well-known toxic and harmful substance that has become a cause of many diseases. The harmful effects of formaldehyde on the human body are mainly reflected in the strong stimulating effect, sensitization and mutagenic effects, which need to be highly valued by consumers.
GB/T5849-2006 classifies the blockboard according to the amount of formaldehyde released. The E0 grade board is not more than 0.5mg/L, the E1 grade board is not more than 1.5mg/L, and the E2 grade board is not more than 5.0mg/L, of which E0 grade and The E1 grade can be used directly indoors, and the E2 grade blockboard must be finished after the finish to reach the E1 level for indoor use.
After testing, among the 34 samples in this comparative test, there were 20 samples conforming to E0 plate, 7 samples for E1 plate, and 6 samples for E2 plate. Only one eco-plate sample had higher formaldehyde emission. A sample of the “Mei Lai Ju” ecological board purchased at Tianxingwang Decoration Materials Co., Ltd., Jinyuan Home Market, Changchun City, exceeded the E2 level.
In this comparison test, it was also found that the core quality of some samples needs to be improved, and the flexural failure resistance of the large core plate samples is very different. The gluing quality of some samples needs to be improved, and the moisture content of individual samples is low.
Three strokes help you easily buy
1. Try to choose products with good appearance.
When purchasing the blockboard, consumers should choose a smooth surface, no warping, deformation, no blistering, cracks, and observe that the core inside the cut-out blockboard should be even and tidy; the gap is small enough; Whether there are decay, breakage, thrift, wormholes, etc., so as to avoid the appearance of poor quality of the surface of the product, which affects the use effect and life. In addition, the blockboard with a high formaldehyde content can be judged initially by smelling the cut surface of the board.
When purchasing an eco-board (with a blockboard as the base material), it is necessary to see whether the decorative surface has cracks, delamination, corner defects, bubbling, and chipping. The core is observed with the blockboard to see if the core is even and tidy; whether the gap is small enough; whether the core strip is decayed, broken, thrifty, wormhole, etc.
2. Purchase products with complete product packaging and identification.
First, look at the identification of the basic information such as product name, trademark, grade, formaldehyde release limit level, manufacturer name and production date on both sides of the blockboard. Secondly, when purchasing blockboard for interior decoration, pay special attention to the level of formaldehyde emission limit marked on the product should be E0 and E1. Do not use the product marked E2 for indoor use, and do not purchase formaldehyde level information. The product.
In view of the product identification problem found in the comparative test, we call on the management department to strengthen supervision and management, strengthen self-discipline in the industry, strictly follow the standard production, earnestly fulfill social responsibilities, and protect the health, safety and the right to know of consumers.
3. Buy products in a reputable formal market.
There are certain requirements for the storage of the board. If it is not stored properly, it will affect the quality of the board. Regular market management practices, strict purchase management, good storage conditions, can ensure the reliability and stability of product quality. In order to avoid buying counterfeit and shoddy products, consumers should go to the regular dealer to buy products.
Good quality plates are required from raw material selection, production equipment and production processes, especially the quality of the adhesives used must be good, of course, the corresponding production costs will increase. Therefore, consumers should not be blind to buying cheaply.