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Helping small and medium-sized Weizhou Fulin Jiang Jianbin: from foundry to entrepreneur

Helping small and medium-sized Weizhou Fulin Jiang Jianbin: from foundry to entrepreneur

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Jiaodong Online December 13 (Reporter Hou Jiawei) Jiang Jianbin, Chairman of Laizhou Fulin Machinery Co., Ltd., from foundry workers to entrepreneurs, worked as team leader, section chief, production dispatcher, workshop director, and has been working until the director, three One step in the year, in the production line, the quenching and adding steel, training and growth. In 2002, he established Laizhou Fulin Machinery Co., Ltd. In 2005, he established Laizhou Futian Machinery Co., Ltd. and Laizhou Futong Electric Co., Ltd., and served as the chairman of the three companies.
In 1998, Laizhou Industrial Sewing Machine Factory was restructured and a woodworking machinery factory was established, which was the predecessor of Laizhou Fulin Machinery Co., Ltd., and Jiang Jianbin led everyone to start the road of entrepreneurship. Jiang Jianbin knows that without the support of science and technology and innovation, it is difficult for the traditional machinery industry to win in the market competition. In order to break out of the low-level and homogenization competition in the industry, enterprises must take the road of innovation and brand development. Therefore, he led the establishment of research and development team, and devoted himself to researching technological transformation and product innovation. The company's mechanical products expanded from the original two or three, to woodworking band saw series, woodworking circular saw series, metal cutting saw series, combined multi-function machine tools, large-scale 5 series of more than 80 kinds of products, such as stone CNC machine tools, and successfully entered Europe, America and Australia and other countries and regions. It has won the recognition and high popularity of the majority of users in the world, and has become the export-oriented type of special equipment manufacturing industry. enterprise.
The company currently covers an area of ​​60 acres and has a plant area of ​​20,000 square meters. It has advanced processing equipment vertical horizontal machining center, work bench aging vibration equipment, assembly flow production line, large-scale painting and spray molding line, and experienced professional engineers and technicians. More than 30 people, with high design ability and innovative ability, quickly design products that meet customer needs within 60 to 90 working days, from R&D design to mass production in just 120 days.
Since the establishment of Fulin Machinery Co., Ltd., Jiang Jianbin has led his team to continuously develop domestic and European, European and Southeast Asian countries and regions. The products have obtained EU CE certification, North American UL safety certification, CSA international certification, and the company has extensively absorbed the industry's success. Technical experience, with high quality product quality and excellent service and long-term cooperation with world famous companies such as JET, LUREM, HETTICH, SCHEPPACH, DRAPER, BERNARDO, AXMINSTER.
The financial crisis of 2007 also brought a big impact to the professional export of Fulin Machinery. Jiang Jianbin realized that in order to break through the encirclement, realize the transfer mode, adjust the structure and industrial upgrading, technological innovation is still the top priority. He said: "The imitation ability of Chinese products is strong, and the OEM products are also done more, but the potential for creation has not yet fully realized. To realize the transformation from 'Made in China' to 'Created in China', it is necessary to strengthen the enterprise. Technology development and technological innovation, more to create their own patents." Therefore, he continues to increase investment in scientific research, strengthen the R & D team building, each year has 3 to 5 new product development and upgrade and upgrade of old products, each series of products It has obtained more than 30 national patents, including 3 invention patents, and the self-developed automatic stone processing machine line has filled the domestic gap.
"My product must have the right to speak." Jiang Jianbin said frankly. In 2016, the stone high-speed engraving and machining center jointly developed by Fulin Machinery and universities and scientific research institutions has entered the stage of prototype debugging and can be produced and sold in 2017. At the same time, the company is cooperating with China University of Petroleum for “fast drilling”. The new technology project of nitriding has been completed before the test and can be put into production in 2017. The gratifying results of this project reflect Jiang Jianbin's perseverance, perseverance and perseverance of the innovative development concept, which is the internal motivation and source of the company's continuous development and growth.
While leading the development of the enterprise, Jiang Jianbin Lin did not forget to give back to the society and actively participated in various social welfare undertakings. The company has donated more than 100,000 yuan to help the poor, assist students, street greening, and local security team building. With the love of entrepreneurs, the core values ​​of socialism are well reflected in him.
While operating the enterprise, Jiang Jianbin also did not forget social responsibility. He served as a member of the 10th, 11th and 12th CPPCC members of the Laizhou Municipal Political Consultative Conference and actively offered advice and suggestions to the local government. In 2016, he served as the fourth vice president of Yantai Private Enterprise Association and the director of Laizhou Work Committee, serving the sustainable development of local private enterprises. As the leader of Laizhou branch enterprises, he actively promoted policy implementation and promoted cooperation. Coordinate services and other work.
Jiang Jianbin also has a passion for art and culture. He is the vice president of the China Longshan Culture Research Association and the director of the Jiaodong Regional Center. He is enthusiastic about the research, inheritance and innovation of Longshan culture and Chinese traditional culture. Jiang Jianbin also has special feelings and insights on the works of calligraphy and painting. He built the Oil Painting Art Exhibition Hall in the Fulin Machinery Factory. The series of hundreds of oil paintings of "Beautiful Laizhou" are displayed here. This is not only a manifestation of the patriotic consciousness of loving the country, but also the promotion and promotion of culture and art.
This is Jiang Jianbin, a private entrepreneur with true feelings and feelings.